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Address Application

  1. Cass County Property Addressing

    A Global Positioning System (GPS) is utilized to accurately assign property addresses. This helps assure the accuracy of the assigned address and can assist the emergency services vehicles in locating properties. Consistent and accurate addresses also assist postal and other delivery services in finding your home. Included with the address,residents or business owners also receive a green metallic address sign that further helps to identify the property.

    When applying for a new address, please have your proposed driveway marked with a ribbon tied to a stake. This will help the Address Technician locate your driveway when working on your new address. If your driveway is already in place,please put the stake off to the side of the driveway.

    This application is for a Property Address in Cass County unless your property is in the city limits of Dowagiac or the Township of Howard. To obtain an address from those jurisdictions contact:

    • City of Dowagiac - 269-782-2195
    • Howard Township - 269-684-0072
  2. Note
    To process this application you will have to obtain a Driveway Permit from the Cass County Road Commission, located at:
    340 N O’Keefe
    Cassopolis, MI 49031

    You can also call the Commssion at 269-445-8611 for county roads (they will email our office a copy of the approved driveway permit), or obtain and attach an approved copy from the Michigan Department of Transportation for a state highway.

    No driveway permit is needed if your driveway is going to be on a private road.
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    Application Fee: $150

  7. You will receive a 9-1-1 reflective address sign with your new address.
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