Cass County Regional Gallery

Cass County Regional Gallery

Cass Area Artists have partnered with Cass County to bring the Cass County Regional Gallery at the Cass County Administration Building in Cassopolis, Michigan. This art exhibition is held by the Cass Area Artists which happens two times a year from February to April for the winter show and August to November for the summer show. Artists residing in Cass, Berrien, Van Buren, Kalamazoo and St. Joseph, counties in Michigan and Elkhart, Laporte, and St. Joseph counties in Indiana are welcome to participate. Exhibitions are open to the public Monday through Friday from 8am and 5pm when exhibitions are hosted. For more information to participate, volunteer, or visit follow the Cass Area Artists on their Facebook page and website.

Who Are The Cass Area Artists?

The Cass Area Artists provide guidance and navigation skills to any person wishing to enter and actively participate in the world of art, craft, or other artistic events and exhibits in the Michiana area. Along with locating and promoting exhibition opportunities for members in the Michiana area. Hosting indoor and/or outdoor art fairs in Cass County, Michigan for members and juried non-member artist participation and to encourage economic growth in Cass County. Promoting cultural education for members and others by offering art classes for all ages and art scholarships for youth in Michiana. Last, to enrich the artistic experience for members by enlisting guest artists to speak about and/or demonstrate their work. For more information about the Cass Area Artists visit their Facebook page and website.

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