When is a conservatorship necessary?

When the minor owns money or property that requires management or protection that cannot otherwise be provided. When the minor has or may have business affairs that may be jeopardized or prevented by minority or when the minor needs money for support and education and that protection is necessary or desirable to obtain or provide money.

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1. When is a conservatorship necessary?
2. Who may file the petition?
3. Where do you file the petition?
4. Who are the interested persons?
5. Who prepares the Notice Of Hearing?
6. What must be included in the Proof of Service?
7. What are the rights of the individual at the hearing?
8. Who can waive the right to notice of a hearing and consent to the relief requested in the petition?
9. When does the notice have to be served?
10. What is the form of the petition and its contents?
11. What does the Court do upon the filing of a Petition For Appointment of Conservator or Protective Order?
12. On what does the Court base a decision?