Inmate Services

Inmate Funds

Inmate Funds can be deposited in many ways in person at the Sheriff's Office or Online.

Individuals wishing to add inmate funds online can use the Express Account system.

If you would like to add funds in person, there are many different ways available at the Cass County Sheriff's Office. If you have a debit card or credit card, an EZ Kiosk is available in the lobby for use during business hours. Cash is also accepted at the Sheriff's Department and will be added to the Inmate's account. Personal Checks and money orders are not accepted at anytime.

Inmate Expenses

Inmates will be charged for their served time after they receive a sentence.

The rate for a sentenced Inmate is $15 per day. An Inmate will also have to pay for all medical expenses incurred while they are incarcerated.

The Inmate will be allowed to participate in the commissary once all accrued expenses are paid. If an Inmate can not pay the expenses, arrangements can be made for debt repayment.

Video Visitation

Cass County Sheriff's Office offers The Visitor™ video visitation which allows friends, family, and professionals control to schedule and conduct video visits at a time convenient for them. 

Click here for Video Visitation Website


When an Inmate is arrested many will be booked and given a set Bond amount to be released. Some inmates will have to be Arraigned in front of a Judge. (This occurs weekday afternoons.)

Fees are assessed to all Inmates being brought into the jail. They are:

  • $10 Warrant Fee (only applies if the Inmate was arrested because of a warrant.)
  • $12 Booking Fee

Both of these fees will be added on to the Bond amount. The Inmate can not be Bonded out without first paying these Fees. Bonds can be paid online using the Express Account. Bonds can also be paid in cash at the Cass County Sheriff's Department at any time.