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Cass County Emergency Management School Emergency Drills Documentation Form

  1. Type of DrillNumber/Schedule
    FireFive - Three drills must be completed by December 1
    TornadoTwo - One drill must be completed in March
    Safety/SecurityThree - One drill must be completed prior to December 1 and one after January 1
    • One drill shall include security measures that are appropriate to an emergency such as the release of a hazardous material. 
    • One drill shall include security measures of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the school premises. 
    • Seek input from the administration of the school and public safety on the nature of the drill.

    Note — At least one of the drills must be conducted during a lunch or recess period, or at another time when students are gathered but not in classrooms.

  2. Situation at Start of Drill*

    Check appropriate box.

  3. If the drill was coordinated with agencies such as law enforcement,
    fire department or emergency management, list the agency, official's name, and title.

    1. Must post on the school's website within 30 days after completing the drill. 
      The form must be maintained on the school website for at least three years.
  4. School Drill Observation Form

  5. Problems Encountered *

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  6. Weather Conditions*
  7. Plans for improvement*
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