District 1

Vice Chair Ryan Laylin resides in Silver Creek Township with his daughter Kenley, son Paxton, and Lewis the Cat. He is a small business owner and has served as Cass County commissioner since 2020. He originally decided to run "to help solve the issues and problems the county is tasked with, instead of sitting back and complaining."

Civic Involvement

  • Policy committee
  • Salary committee
  • Capital projects committee
  • Public safety committee
  • Parks board
  • Market Van Buren executive board
  • Chief elected officials board
  • Historic courthouse committee
  • County tire/hazardous waste collection

Current Committees and Boards

  • Capital Projects Committee
  • Surplus Property Committee
  • Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Workforce Development/Kinexus
  • SMART Committee

What is the biggest goal you have for Cass County this term? Helping to bring the historic courthouse to the finish line

What major project or initiative do you most look forward to this term? Bringing an option of a balanced budget for the next fiscal year.

Fun fact: When I’m not busy working or conducting commissioner duties, I enjoy spending time driving my Jeep or fishing Lake Erie.


Ryan Laylin

Vice Chair, District 1 Commissioner
(269) 414-8370