Apply for Emergency Repair Loan Program

The intent of the Emergency Repair Loan Program is to upgrade and improve houses of low to medium income residents to meet minimum Housing Quality Standards and provide safe, affordable housing for residents of the County who meet income and eligibility requirements through 0-percent interest deferred loans.

This program is NOT intended to be a personalized remodeling program. 

Homes receiving Emergency Repair Loans will not be brought to property rehabilitation standards, only the item being repaired will be brought to those standards. Eligible emergency repairs include repairs or restoration activities necessary only to control or arrest the effects from disaster or imminent threats to the health and safety of the household. Repair or replacement items that may be addressed with emergency funds will be furnaces, wells/city water hookup, septic systems/city drain system hookups, handicap ramps, electrical issues, and plumbing issues. All other items will be reviewed and considered under a situation- by-situation basis.