Geographic Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) utilizes a variety of resources to create visual representations of Cass County in the form of maps, interactive websites, and mobile applications. 

With GIS our community can gain a clearer understanding of patterns, relationships, and geographic context. 

The GIS Department aids various government agencies, internal departments/offices, private parties, and community organizations in preserving historical records, making informed decisions, and planning.   

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 1, the address application fee has increased to $150.

Meet the Team

Erika Espeland
Alex Biles
Sam Howe
Elizabeth Benson


  • Custom mapping
  • Custom mailing lists
  • Physical property address assignment 
  • Reflective address signs
  • Assistance with parcel reconfigurations 
  • Verification of legal descriptions on documents prior to recording
  • Digital GIS data sales: aerial photography, 1ft contour lines (LiDAR), parcels

PLEASE NOTE:  The maps available on the website are for reference purposes only.  For legal lot line boundaries and descriptions please contact a surveyor.  

GIS web and phone