Monday, February 18, 2019
Silver Creek Township Information
Silver Creek Township Meetings are second Wednesday of the month at 7pm
Mailing address: PO Box 464, Dowagiac, MI  49047
Hall address: 32764 Dixon Street, Dowagiac, MI  49047
Phone: 269-424-3025
FAX: 269-424-3858
Voting precinct: Silver Creek Township Hall


Silver Creek Township Officials
Contact Phone FAX
Bill Saunders, Supervisor 269-424-3025  
Barbara Runyon, Clerk 269-424-3025  
Maureen Kuriata, Treasurer 269-424-3025 269-424-3858 
Bill Zuhl, Trustee 269-424-6242  
Mike Glynn, Trustee 269-424-3025  
Ron Bellaire, Electrical Inspector 269-663-3429  
John Dobbersteen, Plumbing Inspector & Mechanical Inspector 269-651-4567  
Bill Kays, Assessor 269-621-3604  
Todd Herter, Building Inspector & Zoning Administrator 269-424-3125  or 269-208-3109  
Sister Lakes Area Utilities Authority  269-424-6926   


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