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Porter Township Information
Porter Township Meetings are second Tuesday of the month at 7pm
Office hours: Monday through Friday 10am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm
Mailing address: PO Box 517, Union, MI  49130
Township Administration Building address: 69373 Baldwin Prairie Road, Union, MI  49130
Phone: 269-641-2375
FAX: 269-641-2571
Voting precincts: #1 Township Administration Building
  #2 Porter Township Fire Dept, 69401 Baldwin Prairie Road, Union, MI


Porter Township Officials
Contact Phone Email
G. Dan Harvey, Supervisor 269-641-2375  
Marty Russell, Clerk 269-641-2375  
Helen Croninger, Treasurer 269-641-2375  
Steve Northrop, Trustee 269-228-0697  
Leard Wylie, Trustee 269-641-2375  
Rich Drews, Building Inspector 269-476-8887  
Jack Hughes, Electrical Inspector 269-641-7280  
Ed Wainwright, Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector 269-641-2375  
Connie Dalrymple, Zoning Administrator 269-641-2375  
Mark Cloud, Cemetary Sexton 269-641-2375  
Kevin Harris, Assessor 269-641-2375  
Pat Keirn, Sewer Administrator 269-641-2375  
Dave Nagy, Planning Commission Chairman 269-641-7596  


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