Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Newberg Township Information
Newberg Township Meetings are second Monday of the month at 7pm
Mailing address: PO Box 37, Jones, MI 49061
Hall address: 13020 Born Street, Jones, MI  49061
Phone and FAX: 269-244-8747
Voting precinct: Newberg Township Hall


Township Officials
Contact Phone Email
Willis "Bill" Norton, Supervisor 269-244-8452 supervisor@newbergtwp.com
Korine Blyveis, Clerk 269-506-8334 clerk@newbergtwp.com
Nancy Hotovy, Treasurer 269-244-5345 treasurer@newbergtwp.com
Jim Rifenberg, Trustee 269-244-5046 JR@newbergtwp.com
Jerry Salmen, Trustee 269-244-8747 Salmen@newbergtwp.com
Ron Bellaire, Electrical Inspector


Ed Wainwright, Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector 269-663-8542  
Shalice Northrop, Assessor 269-646-8020 shalicen@gmail.com
Randy Schmeling, Building Inspector 269-625-3260  
Jim Rifenberg, Cemetary Sexton 269-244-5046 JR@newbergtwp.com
Scott Forrester, Fire Chief 269-244-5709 Chief@newbergtwp.com


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