Monday, February 18, 2019
Calvin Township Information
Calvin Township

Meetings are second Tuesday of the month at 6pm

Mailing address: PO Box 305, Cassopolis, MI  49031
Wm J Robinson Community Building: 18727 Mt Zion, Cassopolis, MI  49031
Phone: 269-476-2620
FAX: 269-476-1539
Voting precinct: Wm J Robinson Community Building


Calvin Township Officials
Contact Phone Email
Adrienne Glover, Supervisor 269-476-2620  
Leozie Broadnax, Clerk 269-641-5223  
Rosemary Gillam, Treasurer 269-476-2620  
Rebecca Mitchell, Trustee 269-476-2812  
Keith Carter, Trustee 269-476-2220  
Shalice Northrop, Assessor 269-646-8020
Richard Drews, Building Inspector 269-476-8887  
John Dobberteen, Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector 269-651-4567  
Ron Bellaire, Electrical Inspector 269-663-3429  
Douglas M. Kuhlman, Zoning Administrator 269-651-3130


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