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A completed Petition and Order for Assignment (Form PC556) must typed or printed legibly in ink. An heir or an individual who paid for the funeral bill may petition the court.
  1. An itemized funeral bill marked "Paid" which shows the amount paid and who paid it or funeral bill plus receipt from funeral home showing amount of payment and person paying. If the funeral bill is not paid, you must have a copy of the bill showing the amount due. 
  2. List all information about the asset that is available. For bank accounts, show the name of the bank, the account number(s), and the balance at the date of death. For stocks and bonds, show the name of the corporation, number of shares, price per share, and total value at the date of death. For autos, trucks, boats, etc., include a description and the vehicle number. For real estate, list the complete legal description, not the street address.
  3. The total value of the assets on the original and any amended petitions, after
    payment of funeral and burial expenses, may not exceed:

Date of Death Amount
If the decedent passed away before January 1, 2001 $15,000.00
If the decedent passed away in 2001 $16,000.00
If the decedent passed away in 2002 or 2004 $17,000.00
If the decedent passed away in 2005 or 2006 $18,000.00
If the decedent passed away in 2007 or 2008 $19,000.00
If the decedent passed away in 2009 $20,000.00


     4.   A copy of the death certificate.


     5.   The filing fee is $25.00 plus a Gross Estate Fee based upon the Inventory Value of the assets before funeral expenses. Examples of the Gross Estate Fee: $25.00 for $1,000.00 in assets and $68.75 for $10,000.00 in assets. You may call the Court (269-445-4454) for the exact gross estate fee for the total amount of the estate assets listed on your petition. There is also a $12.00 fee for each certified copy of the Order requested. 


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