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Adjudication Plea of admission, no contest, or finding of responsibility after trial.
Disposition Determination of consequence after adjudication (Sentencing).

Interim Order Temporary Order entered until next hearing.
No Contest Plea Finding of responsibility without a trial or statement by respondent. Respondent must agree.
Petition Written document stating charge.
Preliminary Hearing Must be held within 24 hours of Detention or Foster Care. Determination as to legal basis for charges, Foster Care, or Detention.

Pretrial Conference Meeting of attorney and/or respondent and prosecutor to resolve matter without a trial.

Probable Cause Reasonable grounds to believe facts justify filing charges.

Referee Person empowered by Judge and Statute to conduct hearings in Juvenile matters.

Restitution Payment to victim by minor or parents.

Status Offense Truancy, runaway, or incorrigible.

Summons Notice of proceedings and charges.

Temporary Ward Legal authority over parents and minor; parental rights remain intact.







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